Apricot Hair Color

Apricot hair color is an ideal hair dye for those who want to make their hair peach hair color.

Have you ever tried peach hair color? You can easily make this hair color that I use and love very much with Apricot hair dye of Directions brand.

Apricot hair color is a popular choice for women who want to add a pop of bright color. Apricots are typically orange-yellow in hue and can be seen as an alternative to the more intense reds or purples that are also popular amongst women. A lot of people think apricot is just another name for blonde, but it’s actually quite different.  

The apricot shade has more warmth than most other colors, which makes it perfect for those with darker skin tones or olive complexions because they will stand out without looking washed out like they would with something lighter like platinum blonde.  If you’re thinking about trying this new trend but aren’t sure what type of look would work best on you, keep reading this post.

Apricot Hair Color

Apricot hair dye, which is preferred especially in autumn, consists of a mixture of orange and light pink hair dyes.

How Can You Apricot Hair Color Apply at Home?

It is quite simple to apply orange hair color, which is a very ambitious and unusual color, at home. If your hair is dark, you will get an orange hair color when you open your hair color with “Blondor”.

Then all you have to do is dye your hair and wait for 2 hours. Your hair color will remain alive for approximately 40 days.

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