11 Exciting Apple Green Hair Color

Are you looking for a new hair color? Many people choose to dye their hair apple green. Apple green is a unique and rare color and can be used as an alternative option to red or blue. Apple green hair color looks great on virtually everyone and it’s sure to turn heads! However, if you are considering getting green hair there are some things you should know first…

If your hair is blonde, you may need help from a professional hair color expert. But if you want to do it yourself at home, first of all, I suggest you to get a platinum ash hair color. So you can get the original color of hair dye.

Apple Green Hair Colors

Apple Green Hair Colors

Especially preferred by young women between 18-25 years, this hair color is an ideal hair color for women who will make their hair green for the first time.

This semi-permanent dye stays in your hair for 5-6 weeks. Then it will fade into pastel shades. This mostly depends on how the hair dye was applied. It also depends on the nature of your hair as well as what other substances you use in combination with the apple green hair dye.

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