What Is Ammonia-Free Hair Lightener?

The reason why ammonia-free hair lightener are preferred is that the ammonia substance contained in chemical hair care products causes the hair structure to deteriorate and become easily breakable. In order to avoid this situation, ammonia-free hair lightener is recommended.

Those who use ammonia-free hair lightener

Users say that the hair is opened without burning and the desired color is achieved to a large extent. In addition, users of the product comment that the hair has a lively appearance. Due to the fact that the product is ammonia-free, many users say that the chemicals do not harm their hair and state that they are satisfied with this situation. It is among the important issues mentioned by users that ammonia-free hair lighteners do not cause any orangeness in the hair after the procedure.

In addition, users also state that there is no burning in their eyes or scalp during the procedure. In addition, many women who use ammonia-free hair lightener state that their hair breakage rate is considerably reduced after dyeing. Due to the low rate of breakage, people do not have to cut their hair after the application.

Ammonia-Free Hair Lightening Dye Brands

There are many brands of ammonia-free hair lighteners and dyes on sale. Palette Intense Color Lightener is one of the most preferred brands by users. In addition, it is also used as a hair remover. There are also these;

  • Kyana Herboria Max
  • Loreal Platinum
  • Palette Intense Color Lightener , has brands.

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