9 Best Amanda Steele Hair Colors

Amanda Steele is a well-known social media personality who specializes in both makeup and hair. In this article, I’ll go through Amanda Steele’s hair colors, cuts, and hairstyles.

Amanda Steele, a native of the United States, began creating makeup tutorials for YouTube when she was ten years old. A well-known model, vlogger, and YouTuber with 2.5 million followers on YouTube and Instagram.

It’s no secret that Amanda Steele is a major hair icon. With her signature platinum blonde locks, it’s hard to mistake the style of this Hollywood starlet. So if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to achieve your own version of the perfect hair color, then look no further than these 9 best Amanda Steele hair colors!   From an icy cool platinum tone to a warm honey gold, there are plenty of different shades and hues in the list below for you to choose from! And with names like “The Courtesan” and “The Siren,” it sounds like they were made just for you (pun intended)!

Amanda is one of the most well-known YouTubers, and she’s just getting started with her fashion blogging at the age of ten. She also starts filming how-to films on her first hair and makeup at the age of 11.

BH Cosmetics began selling her own cosmetics collection in 2015, and all of the goods are gone within a few months. She also created her own sunglasses line that was on sale at Quay Australia in the same year.

She launches her own fashion brand in 2019. She is doing quite successful work with @STEELE.

Amanda Steele Hair Color

Amanda, who has naturally light ash brown hair, colored it for the first time when she was 15 and liked to use crystal platinum hair color, which is a rather daring procedure.

Amanda Steele Hair color

Amanda, on the other hand, usually adores blonde hair color aside from platinum. In the same style, she generally goes for medium cuts and wavy haircuts.

Amanda Steele Hair Colors crystal platinum

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