Amanda Seales Hair Color and Style

Amanda Seales is an American actress and comedian. She was the first black woman to have a show on BET, “Reed Between The Lines.” Seales is also the founder of the production company Blacture Films.

Amanda Seales Hair Style

Amanda Seales is an African-American, natural hairstylist and hair educator. She has a huge following of people who love her because she’s always so upbeat and positive about everything. Amanda shares her thoughts on beauty, fashion, relationships as well as how to take care of your hair naturally through social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Live.

Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales Hair Color

Amanda Seales prefers to have dark caramel tones, but we also see honey foam tones. The hair color that goes well with dark skin color and dark brown eyes is dark brown tones. Honey foam tones shades make it look younger than her age. Especially in 2021, we see it as honey foam and dark caramel.

Amanda Seales Hair
Amanda Seales Hair Style

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