Alpine Green Hair Color

Alpine Green is one of the most beautiful hair colors of Directions hair dye brand. Suitable for both warm and cool skin undertones. It does not look too unnatural. That makes it useful for every woman from 18 to 50 . I especially like to use it in winter.

Who can pull off Alphine Green Hair Color

Alpine Green hair color is a mixture of both neon bright green and black ashy hair color. It therefore gives a natural hair look. It is compatible with all colors because it contains both warm and cold colors.

How to make it at home?

It is quite easy to get this hair color at home. If your hair is brown or even black, you can get different shades of this hair color (light and dark shades). Apply hair dye and wait for 2 hours. Be careful not to spill the hair dye other than your hair because it will be difficult to remove from your hands as well as towel and tile.

If you’re blonde, you will need to dye your hair ash-colored platinum to get the alpine green hair color. Otherwise, you will get a light green hair that does not look bright and nice.

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