Águeda López Hair and Hairstyles

In this article , we will examine Águeda López Hair and Hairstyles.
Águeda López has graced the covers of some of Europe’s most prestigious magazines and walked runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Águeda is an amazing role model for women of all ages because she emphasizes confidence when styling your hair, not just length or volume!

Águeda López Hair Color

Águeda López just new dyed her hair. She wanted to find the most suitable color for her skin tone and had platinum balayage applied to her caramel hair.

Águeda López Hair Style

Águeda López is a spanish model that has been in the industry for over 10 years. Her hair trends are usually very short, but she is always seen with her signature long and wavy locks. She loves to change up her style often because she says it’s important to experiment and try new things.

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