15 Unusual Avril Lavigne Hair Colors

Avril Lavigne has been a popular singer for years, but in recent months she’s undergone a drastic change. She’s gone from blonde to brunette and we want to know what’s caused her to make the switch. We take a look at all of her hair colors and try and find out why she decided to go dark this time around. 

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Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer and songwriter who rose to fame in the early 2000s. She has been known for her unique fashion sense, including her trademark “skater punk” look which features mismatched outfits and spiked hair dyed in various colors such as blue, pink or black. However, recently she has been spotted with completely new looks that include softer pastel shades of lavender and baby pink. Read on to find out more about Avril’s changing hair color trends over the years!

Although her natural hair color is light brown, Avril Lavigne, who always prefers to be blonde, prefers platinum blonde hair color as she gets older. Since she is a white-skinned woman, we can say that warm hair color tones suit her better. She has worn pink hair color for more than a decade when she dyed her blonde hair pink in between, and she still likes it the most.

Avril Lavigne Hair Colors
Avril Lavigne Hair Colors

Avril Lavigne, who is now almost 40 years old (1984)

She was extremely popular, especially in the 2000s, 15 years ago. And we loved her as a petite woman.

We wanted to add a few hair colors that she had used since today. I think her red hair color or pink hair color suits her very well, but I think she did not dare to do so.

You can get this hair color at home with the 10.1 light ashy blonde and 12.0 platinum blonde hair dyes that he frequently uses.

Avril Lavigne Hair Colors

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