11 Different Shades of Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is a natural color that can be achieved by using any type of chemical dye product. Blondes are often seen as more attractive, but it’s important to remember that not all blondes get the same benefits. The most popular form of blonde hair is platinum blonde which has an icy white tone. This particular shade will make you look like you have fairer skin and blue or green eyes. It also makes your teeth appear whiter which some people find appealing for their appearance in photos or when they’re on camera!

However, this hue sometimes comes with brassy tones if not done properly so it’s important to go into the salon with the right expectations and know what kind of upkeep this style requires before going under the bleacher!

You can find all the details you need to know about blonde hair colors, which are indispensable once dyed. If you are not a natural blonde, you should first decide which blonde hair color tones to choose.

On this subject, I have compiled 11 different blonde hair color tones that we have obtained from different hair dye brands and hair dye mixtures.

Who Looks Good With Blonde Hair

Yellow is actually neither warm nor cold. However, if you add dore into yellow, your hair will be in warm tones. Or if you do a platinum blonde hair color, you will have a cooler hair color. Therefore, it will adapt to your skin and skin sub-tone according to the intermediate colors it contains.

Skin undertone: Hair color in dore (golden) tones suit the cold ones more. Skin color is balanced and looks brighter and more vibrant.

Hot ones: It should prefer platinum-silver, crystal, satin tones with a cooler hue and ashy blonde tones such as baby blonde.

Neutral ones: They can choose both warm and cool tones of blonde hair colors.

Again, white skins, warm tones of wheat and dark skins may prefer cooler hair color tones.

Shades of blond hair colors:

The lightest shade of blonde hair colors are platinum blondes. Platinum refers to white-silver tones on the forehead. The darkest color is ashy dark blonde. The shades that we call intermediate colors are honey blonde, strawberry blonde, dore blonde, baby blonde, sand blonde, ashen blonde, caramel blonde, golden blonde.

Natural Blonde Hair Shades: Natural hair color usually refers to the dark blond hair color tones that women with golden, baby yellow, and light blonde tones receive in the future. The root color of the hair color just below is dark ashy blonde.

Light Ash Blonde

I think one of the most beautiful natural colors of light ash blonde belongs to the woman below. Since she is a woman whose skin tone is also warm, the color tone suits her well. In order to obtain light ashy blonde from dark hair, we must lighten our hair and get an ideal mix in 9.1 and 7.1 ash-blonde tones…

Baby Blonde

The following hair color, which we call baby blonde, is one of the most beautiful and natural shades of blonde hair, which usually contains ashy tones, so at least a little more experience is required at home.

Golden Blonde: 9.3

It is among the hair color that women like and want to use the most. Because blonde hair color is the most attractive hair color for women. It contains golden reflections.

Ash blonde: 8.1

Nowadays, these extraordinarily light and matte shades of blonde hair attract all the attention. The ashy blonde hair color makes a confident, cool, unconventional and serious impression. It consists of cold tones.

Honey blonde: 8.7

Honey blonde hair color, which is on the blonde hair color scale, has become a hair color that has been on the rise recently. If you want to be a pretentious and striking blonde, you should definitely try this color. Honey blonde is a hair color that will meet your desire to be blonde and will not distract you from auburn hair because it is not far from auburn hair tones.

Platinum blonde: 11.1

Almost every woman is curious about the platinum blonde hair color. However, it is not right for everyone to use this color, which requires a little courage. Because the hair color must match the skin color in order to have a nice and beautiful appearance. For this reason, Platinum blond is in harmony with every skin color. The skins with which platinum blonde can adapt are light and wheat skinned.

Sand Blonde: 8.1-9.1

The main reason why sand blonde hair color is such a popular shade is that it is a very natural hair color. There are bright shades of yellow in sand blonde hair colors. This is the most distinctive feature of ashy brown hair color.

Strawberry blond: 8.34

It is one of my favorite hair color shades. You can take a look at our strawberry blonde hair color topic, which we have examined in detail. It is among the most eye-catching hair colors. Even though it is not the brightest hair, people cannot take their eyes off of their natural softness and various shades when they shine on the light. The light reddish reflections have been instrumental in giving the name strawberry.

Silver Blonde: 10.1

If we have to describe how the silver blonde hair color is, it is a very light blond hair color. It is the hair color that stands out very much in the last two or three years. It is a color with silvery reflections inside. If you are bored with the classic blond, the silver blonde hair color and models will be great for you.

Dark Blonde

Dark blonde, numbered 7.0, can be a natural hair color or can be obtained by coloring. When coming from dark hair, the hair should be lightened to platinum blonde in order to prevent orangeization and the hair not to go towards caramel tones.

Natural Blonde

Women who are real blondes actually have both gray and dark blonde hair colors, but women generally prefer brighter and lighter blonde hair colors. When the hair color of a natural blond girl is taken as a sample, usually a balayage is applied after dyeing the blonde hair color to obtain this color.


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