10 Wonderful Hair Color of Antonia Thomas

Antonia Thomas’s full name of Antonia Laura Thomas, British actress and singer. She born in London, the UK capital, Thomas is widely known for starring in comedy and drama series. She is 34 years old, was born on November 3, 1986 and is 1.55 meters tall. Thomas now appears in the TV series The Good Doctor, broadcast on ABC television.

Hair Color of Antonia Thomas

Although Antonia Thomas did not change the natural hair color, dark brown, he used brown and yellow colors many times by lightening certain parts of his hair from time to time. Antonia Thomas, who likes to use the natural color of his hair, usually changes the color of his hair by dyeing only the ends. In this hair color change, he prefers yellow and tones.

Hairstyles of Antonia Thomas

Although Thomas, who has a curly hair structure, prefers to use the natural state of his hair, we see that his hair is straight or wavy in the roles he plays. One of the easiest and best methods of straightening curly hair is to straighten the hair by applying heat with a straightening machine after blow-drying with a brush. In addition, while we see Antonia Thomas with her curly hair in her daily life and with her wavy hair in her roles, we see that she usually straightens her hair and is blow dry at important invitations and shows such as award ceremonies.

Antonia Thomas

Thomas, who prefers long hairstyles, keeps his hair color natural when he straightens his hair and prefers dark brown.

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